Become a Global Thinker

Whether you join an already established group, start a brand new one, or simply explore on your own, we’ve got a way to help expand your global thinking.

Find a Group

Minnesota is home to more than 50 discussion groups – more than any other state in the country. They include just about anyone curious about the world, and they meet in varying locales across the state. Browse our groups to find one that works for you.

Start a Group

Can’t find a group that fits your situation? Want to lead and shape a new group? We have resources to help you start and manage your own.

Open Library Sessions

Each month, we recruit a local expert to lead an in-depth discussion on one of the Great Decisions topics. Free and open to the public, these Global Conversations are the perfect way to experience Great Decisions for the first time. Join us every month at the Hennepin County Library – Minneapolis Central location.

Annual Conference

Global Minnesota’s annual Great Decisions conference is the only event of its kind in the country. It brings together local, national, and international experts in a day-long event that shines a spotlight on one of the year’s topics.

Explore on Your Own

You don’t need to belong to a group to enjoy the Great Decisions content. Order helpful tools to aid your own discovery of the most critical global issues facing the U.S. today.