Elementary School Program

Promoting global thinking is important and critical. Our elementary school program offers a unique way to bring this learning perspective to your classroom.

Classroom Connection

Through Classroom Connection, participating educators and international volunteers enjoy a one-on-one partnership in which they create cultural lessons based on both the learning objectives of the teacher and the perspectives and knowledge of the international volunteer.

Classroom Connection adds a dimension to the teaching/learning that would be impossible without the international guest. This dimension is the link between learning concepts and making learning living and breathing.” – M. Dorow, Socials Studies Specialist, Saint Paul Public Schools

The program supports Minnesota standards, culturally responsive practices, understanding and respect for others, and young children’s natural curiosity about the world. It’s a valuable resource for any discipline, as multiple perspectives are necessary for critical thinking and robust understanding. And the program’s accessibility is a result of its simplicity and versatility!

How it Works

Invite an international volunteer into your school and experience all the ways Classroom Connection can enhance the important work you do every day! Our K-12 education team supports educators and international volunteers throughout the entire experience. There are a few simple steps necessary to get started, and to make the absolute most out of the program.

Learn How it Works