Discussion Groups

From international migration and mobility to the unknown future of the United Nations, each year brings a new set of global issues that impacts millions and sets the world’s course. And every year, more and more people seek to educate themselves on what it means to be a global citizen.

Through a unique discussion group format – based on the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions program – Global Minnesota offers individuals from across the state the opportunity to explore the year’s most important international issues and foreign policy topics.

While there are more ways than ever to share ideas, face-to-face meetings provide an alternative to international digital news and social media. They bring together friends, colleagues, and neighbors who share a passion – or curiosity – for global issues, and allow for thoughtful discussion. Anyone can join or start a group, and they meet in libraries, schools, places of worship, and private homes throughout the state.

Topics to Explore

Any global theme can serve as the focus for a group gathering. However, many discussions are based on the Great Decisions topics. Curated annually by the Foreign Policy Association with the help of leading global thinkers and experts, the Great Decisions topics are the most critical issues that will define the year ahead for global policymakers. Typically, groups explore a different topic at each meeting and members come prepared to discuss it in depth. Global Minnesota provides helpful materials and updates to keep you informed on the latest developments for each topic.

Great Decisions Topics 2024

  • Mideast Realignment
  • Climate Technology and Competition
  • Science Across Borders
  • U.S.-China Trade Rivalry
  • NATO’s Future
  • Understanding Indonesia
  • High Seas Treaty
  • Pandemic Preparedness

Visit the Foreign Policy Association’s YouTube channel to view excerpts from expert interviews on the Great Decisions 2023 topics. New topic coverage is added weekly to highlight more global perspectives.

Global Discussions in the Schools

Critical global thinking starts at any age. The Great Decisions content serves as a diverse and applicable current events curriculum for high school students. Teachers can take advantage of discounted prices on materials and suggested lesson plans through our K-12 Education program.