K-12 Education

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Right now, the next generation of global thinkers is sitting in classrooms across the U.S. They are remarkable individuals who will set the course for global politics, push for environmental progress, advance technology and health, and advocate for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

And many of these talented young learners are right here in Minnesota, eager for the opportunity to experience the world. Fortunately for them, Global Minnesota’s K-12 resources support educators and students in their efforts to learn more about the world and develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for success in today’s global society.

Elementary Education

Through an innovative approach, our Classroom Connection program brings the world’s cultures directly to Minnesota elementary school children. Students, teachers, and international volunteers come together for interactive cross-cultural conversations and lessons. Learn how you can invite the world into your class.

High School

Engaging, high-quality resources for high school teachers and students who wish to deepen and even test their understanding of world affairs are right here in Minnesota. From foreign policy discussions to a statewide international knowledge competition, we have what you need to expand global thinking in your classroom. Learn what works for you and your students.