On January 31, Global Minnesota hosted our popular annual event, the U.S. Foreign Policy Update. In this event, Diplomat in Residence and retired career Foreign Service Officer Tom Hanson discussed the latest foreign policy developments, trends, and challenges facing the U.S. this year. His insightful and wide-ranging discussion included topics like the repercussions from the ongoing war in Ukraine, concerns facing China’s economy, renewed conflicts in the Middle East, and ongoing global struggles for peace and security.

This episode is a follow-up conversation with Tom Hanson featuring questions that were submitted during the event. We received numerous questions for this special Q&A episode and have compiled a wide-ranging sample so we can hear more of Tom Hanson’s unique analysis on all things foreign policy.

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Podcast Transcript 2024 Foreign Policy Update Q&A with Tom Hanson

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Event Recording: 2024 U.S. Foreign Policy Update

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This interview was recorded on March 6, 2024.