Classroom Connection is part of Global Minnesota’s K-12 Education programs and brings the world to classrooms all over Minnesota. International visitors, many of whom are students at local universities, teach sessions on their country’s culture and language in a fun and interactive format that sparks the curiosity of our youngest learners. These lessons are unique to each class and can be conducted either virtually or in-person. There is no fee to participate and Global Minnesota staff handle all of the logistics for visitor placement and travel.

Marzia Saleem is one of this year’s Humphrey Fellows and volunteered at Anne Sullivan Elementary School in the first grade classes of Whitney Newbauer and Amanda Davey. Marzia, Whitney, and Amanda joined to talk about their experiences in Minnesota and with the Classroom Connection program.

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Classroom Connection Program

Humphrey Fellow Marzia Saleem

This interview was recorded on December 10, 2023.