The world’s water challenges seem to be getting worse. Water scarcity has become acute in some parts of the world, while floods and storm surges occur with greater frequency in others. Businesses are watching closely to make sure their own water needs are met sustainably. Even the Land of 10,000 lakes has had challenges with overuse of groundwater in recent dry years. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are designed to tackle some of the world’s largest development problems, so what can we learn from best practices for sustainable water use around the globe? What can international companies tell us about how and where they’re implementing potential solutions?

Watch the recording of our Sustainable Development Goals Roundtable from March 21. We partnered with Global Minnesota Corporate Member Cargill to learn about the work companies are doing to advance sustainable water use.


Keynote Speaker

Heather Tansey, Vice President of Environmental Sustainability, Cargill

Additional Speakers

Martin Bureau, VP Innovation & Head of PFAS Centre of Excellence, Altra Sanexen

Anna Picchetti, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Uponor North America

Corporate Member Resources: Open the link to see how Global Minnesota corporate members offer expertise, services, or technology that can help with your organization’s sustainability goals.

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