We all plan ahead. Companies and organizations set sustainability goals with a combination of short-term and long-term targets. But what about very long-term goals? The United Nations SDG goals reach out to the year 2050 and beyond. What does the road look like– and what tools are available– for such long-range thinking and planning? And how do we set a course that is not only sustainable but restorative?

Watch or listen to our Sustainable Development Goals Roundtable event recording featuring nationally recognized futurist Trista Harris. Trista is the president of FutureGood, a consultancy that helps visionary leaders build a better future. She speaks internationally about using the tools of futurism in the social sector.

Global Minnesota was pleased to partner with corporate member Sunrise Banks in hosting this event. Laura Wildenborg, Fintech Innovation Manager for Sunrise Banks, shared the role banks can play in facilitating organizations to achieve their future sustainability goals.

As a socially responsible bank, Sunrise’s mission is to empower financial wellness through innovation. The bank focuses on positive community engagement with ethical banking and partners with like-minded companies to extend its mission nationally and around the world. Sunrise is a certified B Corporation, a certified Community Development Financial Institution and member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values.

Event Speakers:

  • Keynote: Trista Harris, President, FutureGood
  • Panelist:  Tim Roman, CEO, Ecotone Analytics
  • Panelist: Ken Smith, CEO, EverGreen Energy
  • Panelist: Laura Wildenborg, Fintech Innovation Manager, Sunrise Banks
  • Moderator: Bjorgvin Saevarsson, Founder, Yorth Group

Corporate Member Resources: Open the link to see how Global Minnesota corporate members offer expertise, services, or technology that can help with your organization’s sustainability goals.

Thanks to promotional sponsor the United Nations Association of Minnesota. 

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