One of the most celebrated days of the UN calendar, World Food Day promotes global awareness and action around hunger and healthy eating for all.

The World Food Day 2021 Symposium took a closer at the future of food and the sustainable food system the world needs to build together. The symposium included presentations from leading international, national, and local experts on the impacts of climate change, global conflict, and COVID-19 on the world’s agri-food system and the transformation needed to create a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient food future for the world.

Watch the entire event recording below or see the following table of contents for specific times of speakers and sessions. Individual session videos can also be found on Global Minnesota’s YouTube channel.

Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • 16:16 – Mark Ritchie, President, Global Minnesota
  • 24:13 – Minnesota Governor Tim Walz
  • 25:10 – Honorable David Beasley, Executive Director, World Food Programme
  • 30:39 – Dr. Qo Dongyu, Director-General of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
  • 33:12 – Jocelyn Brown Hall, Director, North American Liaison Office of the FAO

Global Action for Food Security – Social Gastronomy Movement

  • 38:44 – Introduction by Mark Ritchie, President, Global Minnesota
  • 46:26 – Panel Discussion
    • Nicola Gryczka Kirsch, Co-Founder, Social Gastronomy Movement
    • Charles McNeill – Senior Advisor, Forest and Climate at UN Environment Program (UNEP) (USA)
    • Michelle Grogg – Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development at Cargill (USA)
    • Mariana Vasconcelos – CEO and Founder of AgroSmart (Brazil)
    • Tulsi Giri – Co-Creator at Food Networks and social entrepreneur (Nepal)
    • Maureen Muketha – Youth activists and Founder of Tule Vyema (Kenya)
    • Carina Nilsson, Mayor of Malmo (Sweden)
    • Mauricio Esteban Rodas Espinel, former Mayor of Quito (Ecuador)
    • Moderator: Charles Holmes, CE Holmes Consulting, and Co-Founder, Academy for Systemic Change

Climate Change and Food Security

  • 2:06:10 – Joyce Chang, Managing Director and Chair, Global Research, JPMorgan Chase

Covid-19 and Food Security

  • 2:26:40Ambassador Ahmed Awad, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Federal Republic of Somalia 2018-2020

Violent Conflict and Food Security

  • 2:47:13 – H.E. Collen Kelapile, President, UN Economic and Social Council

Special Messages

Food Security from the Bottom-Up

  • 3:15:50 – Dr. James Mwangi, CEO, Equity Group, 2020 Recipient, Oslo Business for Peace Award
  • Moderated by Mark Ritchie, President, Global Minnesota

Special Messages

  • 3:04:48 McKnight Foundation World Food Day
  • 4:13:43 FAO We can all become Food Heroes

Climate Smart Measures that Promote Food Security

  • 4:16:22 Paula Caballero, Managing Director, Lands for Life Program, Rare
  • 4:38:41Tim Rhodd, Tribal Chairman, Iowa Tribe of Nebraska and Kansas & Brett Ramey, Climate Resilience Planner, Iowa Tribe of Nebraska and Kansas, and Program Consultant, Regenerative Agriculture Foundation
  • 5:00:10 Dr. Eduard Muller, President, University for International Cooperation, Costa Rica

Public Health Measures that Promote Food Security

  • 5:18:10 Dr. Mary Bussell, Lead, Vaccine Ecosystem Initiative, Economist Group
  • 5:43:40 Dr. Mark Steffen, Vice President/Chief Medical Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota
  • 5:54:00 Dr. Raj Patel, Research Professor, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas, Austin & Dr. Rupa Marya, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, founder/executive director, Deep Medicine Circle

Conflict Resolution that Promotes Food Security

  • 6:18:30 Johanna Mendelson Forman, Founder/CEO, Conflict Cuisine, School of International Service, American University
  • 6:38:30 John Ellenberger, Senior Vice President, Land O’ Lakes Venture37
  • 6:56:42 Michael Chaney, Founder/Executive Director, Project Sweetie Pie

Speaker and Presenter Bios


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