Global Minnesota is launching the inaugural event in a new annual event series designed to provide a snapshot of international business megatrends and insights for Minnesota companies in search of strategies in response. The Global Business Outlook promises to be the premier event for tracking and adapting to global business megatrends and for understanding the risks and opportunities they present. The event will include a keynote presentation about business megatrends, a panel of major Minnesota multinational corporations, and networking with over 100 Minnesota business professionals. Confirmed guests include leadership officials from the US Commercial Service, Greater MSP, the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce and the Minnesota Consular Corps.

On this episode, hear from the keynote speaker for the Global Business Outlook, John Pournoor, CEO and founder of Government Analytica. His has 35 years of experience working at the intersection of governments and industry. Most recently, he was the VP of Government Affairs for a Fortune 100 multinational, where he engaged policymakers at the federal level, in 29 states and in 37 countries. He has served on numerous boards and has been appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to the Minnesota District Export Council. John launched Government Analytica out of a passion to unlock the public value of government proposals to inspire policymakers to improve lives. He helps his clients shape the conversation through thought leadership content. He unlocks the policymaker impasse by using his company’s access to data and analytics to show the public value and the greater good of these proposals. Government Analytica has helped companies, advocates, associations, coalitions, commissions, and councils to unlock the public value behind their proposals and receive or save millions of dollars. He is a tireless advocate and volunteer for community-based organizations, including Global Minnesota. He divides his time between Washington DC and Minnesota.


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This interview was recorded on September 14, 2023.