Throughout history, access to food has been used as a tool to both inflict great pain and advance peace and prosperity.  The global food market has been reeling from pandemic disruptions, worldwide inflation, and international supply chain issues. Russia’s devastating invasion of Ukraine has dramatically accelerated these trends which threaten to push millions of people around the world into conditions of food insecurity.

But many organizations are working to provide food relief to millions around the world to help advance global stability. Watch a special World Food Day presentation from October 17 which discussed the local and global implications of hunger as a weapon of war and as a promoter of peace.


Chase Sova

Chase Sova is the Senior Director of Public Policy and Research at World Food Program USA.

Kojo Amoo-Gottfried

Kojo Amoo-Gottfried is the President of Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate, North America. Kojo.

Jeff Dykstra

Jeff Dykstra is the Co-founder and CEO of Partners in Food Solutions

Purbita Ray

Purbita Ray is the Vice President of Innovation, Technology, and Quality (ITQ) Growth at General Mills

John Guttery

John Guttery is Senior Vice President, Enterprise Initiatives at Ecolab


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