Wednesday, February 3

Our First 70 Years

By Mark Ritchie President, Global Minnesota Global Minnesota turns 70 this year. Gladys Brooks, the first Board Chair, captured the…

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Tuesday, December 15

Adieu 2020, What a Year It Has Been

Last year, I had no idea the world would drastically change, and that a holiday party would connect me to Global Minnesota. Allow me to take you back to December 2019 pre-face mask, pre-toilet paper outage, and pre-Zoom calls galore.

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Tuesday, October 13

Global Cooperation in Ending Hunger

Today, the challenges of the food system are obvious and more salient than ever: following decades of decline, global hunger is once again on the rise; climate change-induced extreme weather patterns affect crop yields and force people from their lands; unsustainable food systems contribute to great waste and malnutrition; violent conflict drives disruptions in food supply chains; and COVID-19 has sent projections for the acutely food insecure skyrocketing.

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Tuesday, September 15

The Power of Language and Conversation with Refugees

NaTakallam (‘we speak’ in Arabic) is an award-winning social enterprise that connects refugees with remote work opportunities in the language sector, providing them with economic empowerment, purpose, and dignity. By leveraging the digital economy and accessible technology, NaTakallam offers high-quality language tutoring, cultural exchange sessions, and professional translation services in 10+ languages.

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Monday, August 3

A Global Exchange: International Art in St. Paul’s Latino Corridor

“Our Spanish visitor, the graffiti artist, is asking if you can provide a wall for him to paint. He wants to commemorate his time on the project and provide artwork for the local community. Is that something you can do?” Two days before a group of visiting artists were set to land in Minneapolis, I received a call from our national program agency with this request.

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Monday, June 8

Around the World in a Day

It is September 27, 2019, and I am on my way to meet Global Minnesota’s international volunteers for a daytrip down to Austin, Minnesota. The plan is to visit Sumner and Neveln Elementary schools in Austin and to spend the day connecting with students in second, third, and fourth grades.

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Wednesday, May 13

The Realities of Social Distancing in Ghana

Ghana does not have comprehensive and efficient social services such as those in the U.S. to cater to the most affected populations of COVID-19. This leads me to believe that social distancing is a privilege most Africans cannot afford.

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Friday, May 1

Welcome to The World Thread

Join us as we tackle different aspects of Global Minnesota’s core mission – “advancing international understanding and engagement” – and share unique insights into some of the opportunities and challenges of our increasingly interconnected economies, environment, and lives.

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